SPD netAdventist Closure Notice

It’s now been almost 10 years since the South Pacific Division (SPD) chose to subsidise an easy-to-use, division-wide web platform so even the smallest of Adventist entities could have an online presence.

Technology has progressed in amazing ways in the past 10 years alone. While we still believe in the concept of netAdventist, the initial potential it had, and appreciate the hard work put in by developers and support teams of the General Conference, there are a few key reasons that have lead to the decision to move away from netAdventist as the SPD’s supported web platform.

Essentially, we believe it's no longer a service which is up to the standards needed for our division’s websites. The combination of considerable server downtimes, key feature breakages, content loss on upgrades and the lack of progress with the technology’s pace is why we feel it’s in the best interest for sites to move forward. 

We strongly believe every church still needs a web presence to, above all, assist seeking community members in their decision to set foot in a church and assist in their spiritual journey to the Kingdom. 

Support and hosting for SPD’s netAdventist will cease on June 30, 2017 - however if you desire to, you may 'Opt in' to remain on netAdventist as hosted by the GC. This will be a 'light' service with no support. You must tell us if you want to stay or you will need to have copied all the information and files you want to keep by this date for they will be deleted.

We are disappointed to have reached this point, and realise the amount of effort that will be needed to move some of the more active sites (we have plenty of that ahead for us too!), but we believe it's in everyone's long-term interest to move forward without further delay.

There are plenty of other great website hosting options available and we've collected a list of these under Website Hosting Options, you can also choose to move to another netAdventist hosting provider. If you're a church we highly recommend you jump on to our new Simple Church website option. Simple Church requires no maintainence and pulls in content from the platforms your already using such as your Facebook events and photos, YouTube and Vimeo videos and more. Read more in our Website Hosting Options page.

What now? Read all of our content under Next Steps to help you through the processing of migrating to another platform including the FAQ and Website Hosting Options. When you know how you'll proceed or if you're already off netAdventist please let us know with the Tell Us Your Migration Plan form.

What the world was like when SPD joined netAdventist in 2007

  • Myspace was king as Facebook was trying to find its feet and Twitter had just been born. 
  • YouTube was in its infant founding years. 
  • Wii and PS3 were the latest, greatest game consoles.
  • The iPhone 3GS had not been released yet, iPads were still three years away.
  • Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) were standard.
  • It was before the Beijing, Vancouver, London, Sochi and Rio Olympic Games had taken place. 
  • John Howard and Helen Clark were prime ministers, George Bush was president of USA.
  • Pastor Laurie Evans was SPD president.

A lot has happened in just 10 years!

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