Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a few common answers to questions related to the ending of netAdventist support for the South Pacific Division.

What will happen on 30 June 2017?

All remaining websites will cease to exist and website URLs will be directed to

Can I sign up for a new netAdventist site, even if I have/haven't had one before?

No. See other options for starting your web presence below.

I've migrated my website, what should I do now?

Let us know by filling in the support page. We can then delete your existing netAdventist website so visitors and search engines don't get confused.

Can I have my existing* URL go to a new website?

Once you've created a new website you can send an email to requesting to have your '*' URL pointed to your new site. You'll need to provide them with a new CNAME record or a URL to redirect too.

If your new web presence is a Simple Church Webpage, fill in this form.

country code (au, nz, fj, etc).

What options do I have for my church's web presence?

While there are many web options available these days here are a few we reccomend that suit different levels of church activeness and webmaster skills:

  • Simple Church webpage
    A modern single webpage for churches which is set and forget. It shows all the Simple Church listing details, a generic introduction to who Adventists are and content from social media accounts the church may have added. This webpage can be quickly set up by filling in a form and then left, yet still be fresh by pulling in the latest social media content. Visit

  • Managed website hosting
    There are many free and easy web solutions that allow a webmaster to add pages and tinker with the design of the site. It is simple to use but also has some freedom for a webmaster willing to tinker with some content or design. Find options on our Website Hosting Options section.

  • Self-managed hosting
    While more complicated to set up and host, and with some costs, Wordpress is relatively easy to use once up and running yet has the ability to really spread its wings and do most fancy things an active church may want to do on their website. Read our Website Considerations section for help.

  • Stay on a netAdventist site - with the GC
    From 2007-2017 this was the SPD’s fully subsidised and supported web system. However, the growing unreliability and lack of movement with technology has lead to a movement away from the platform. It is still available as an option to Adventist entities but is no longer run or supported by the South Pacific Division. Find options on our Website Hosting Options section.

  • Facebook Pages and groups
    Free social sharing platform which can be used to promote events, share news images and videos and interact with people. Find options on our Website Hosting Options section.

What if my church already has a web presence?

We are delighted if you have put yourself on the web to be discovered by the community. Your site may be working well but we recommend you do three things:

  1. Add a link to your website on listing. Find out how.

  2. Check if your site is either too restrictive for what you want to do or too difficult to maintain (from either lack of skills or time) and whether an alternative solution could provide a better future for your site. Review the look and content of your site from the viewpoint of a first-time community member who is researching whether to come to your church or not.

  3. Why not ask one of your non-Adventist friends or work colleagues to review your site and give you some feedback.

How do I reset my netAdventist password to gain access to copy content?

If you've forgotten your password or would like to reset it you can do so by going to the login page of your netAdventist website and clicking the "Forgot Password" link. You'll be asked to enter your email address, and then get sent an email with a link to reset your password.

If you do not receive an email your email client may be blocking emails from

More questions?

If you have more questions you are welcome to contact us for additional support.

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