Adventist Media has created a South Pacific Division directory website – – which is designed to help people find the location and essential details of every official Adventist place in the South Pacific Division. Visitors can search for churches, schools by year level, Op shops, campgrounds, services, ministries, and pathfinder and adventurer clubs. The website is available in English, French and Simplified Chinese. The information is also shared with Simple Church websites if that service is requested to be turned on.

What places are included/eligible for a Listing?

Only official Adventist entities in the South Pacific Division can and should have a Smart Church listing. This includes, but is not limited to, churches, schools, conference/mission offices, official ministries, Op shops, aged care and campground facilities, book stores and medical facilities.

How much does it cost?

There are no costs to have an Adventist entity listed.

What information does the listing show?

A listing shows a default photo, which can be updated with a specific image, and the following details: Name and type of place, summary, address, phone number, opening times, year levels (for schools), Pathfinder and Adventurer clubs (for churches) and a link to a website where possible.

What is the downside of listing?

It is mostly helping people find you, and only shows your most basic contact details in a directory style listing. However, it can link to a more substantial web presence.

Can I have a listing without a Simple Church webpage?

Yes, you can have just a listing. By default the webpage service is not turned on unless requested.

Can I have a listing if I have my own external website already?

Yes, we recommend you have your external website linked to from the listing. It will be another way people can find your website.

Who manages the information on listings?

The information is maintained by your local conference/mission.

How do I add a new listing?

First double check you don’t already have a listing – unless you’re entity is very new you should be in there already. Visit and see if it exists, utilising the search filters. If you can’t find your place listed, and you are an Adventist entity in the South Pacific Division, send through the details to be added to the directory.

How do I modify an existing listing?

To have details updated or added, a map marker moved or a listing linked to an external website, send the updated details to us.

Can I change the image next to my listing?

Not currently, no. Sorry.

What if my place is not appearing in specific search results where I expect my listing to appear?

First make sure you don’t have any filters turned on anywhere.

If, for example, you do a suburb search and your place does not show in the list or on the map as expected, fill in the essential details of the form and write in the comments area exactly what you were searching for and what you expect to appear.

Can I have a listing removed?

Only if the place has permanently closed. Notify your conference of the closure and request they remove your Simple Church listing.

How do I report a bug regarding the functionality/appearance of

All non-content related issues to the directory and listings can be reported here.

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